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Spring 2 - Can we save the planet before it's too late?

This half term, we are continuing our work on looking at how we can save the planet. We will be:

-Comparing the sustainability strategies of Costa Rica, Iceland and the UK and consider who is taking the largest steps to be more sustainable.

-Looking at whether there is anything we can do as a school to become more sustainable and trying to implement a new initiative.

-Exploring the impact of global warming on the environment by looking at current events e.g. the devastation of the bush fires in Australia, plastic pollution in the oceans (we will be writing poems about these events).

-Taking a closer look at the impact of plastic pollution and tracking the journey of a plastic bag (writing will be based on this too).



Maths topics this half term are:


-Properties of shape and calculating area, perimeter, volume etc.

-Converting measurements

-Ratio and proportion

-Recapping key learning from the Autumn term


As always, the children can access IXL at home which will support them in developing their mathematical skills as well as providing parents with support for homework linked to a particular topic. 




Short narratives