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Spring 2 - Can you build a bridge out of spaghetti? What makes me human?

Homework Projects


Here are some of our incredible homework projects where the children were tasked with the job of building a bridge out of spaghetti! This was linked in with our learning all about North America. Once they were in, we tested out how strong they were using weights - some of them we couldn't even get to break!



As part of our RE Week learning all about Buddhism, the children created their own mandalas in Art. They drew shapes and images which represented them and their feelings and then chose colours to shade them in to express their mood!



Today, we looked at sexual and asexual reproduction in plants. We sketched the parts of a flower into our sketch books and then labelled all the parts.



In English this week, we watched a video called 'Chaperon Rouge' which was taken from the Literacy Shed. We then used this stimulus to write opening decsriptions of the setting and character.



Problem solving using straws in Maths!



Miss Taylor gave us the task of researching the gestation period of different animals to support our learning about animals, including humans. We used the information gathered to identify if we could make any links or identify any patterns in our data. For example, we found that animals with longer gestation periods were often larger animals that only gave birth to one or two live young. We then used our data to create bar charts.

Learning Challenge


Mr Pepper visited and taught us all about life on the US Railroads! We found out that a long time ago it would have taken six months to cross from one side of America to the other as there were no railway systems in place. We watched a silent movie about the building of the transcontinental railroad that would link East and West and the difficulties that the workers faced.



We have looked at famous bridges across America and their different types of structure and uses. We thought carefully about the different shapes we could see in the structures and then used these to identify what shape would make a stronger structure. We used strips of paper and split pins to create different shapes to test.