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Spring 2 - How did the Anglo- Saxons help shape Britain today?

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Hello and welcome to spring 2- time flies when you’re having fun
This half term we are stepping back in time to the Anglo-Saxon period. We will be looking at similarities and differences between their lives and ours and how they have helped shape Britain today.

Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

How have they helped to shape Britain today?
What did they wear?
What would a Saxon feast look like?
Who ruled the Anglo-Saxons?
Are we similar to them in any way? 



Our new science topic this half term is all about light and shadow! We will be looking at different light sources both natural and man made and how we use these to help us see. We will be conducting a range of experiments and recording our findings so that we can conclude what we have learnt. Some questions we will answer throughout the half term:

How do we see?
Where does light come from? 
How are shadows formed?
Why do shadows change size?

PE and dance

This half term dance is every Tuesday and PE is every Thursday. Please ensure your child has full PE kit for both days.

We love gymnastics with Miss Gell!

For sustainability week we went outside of school and observed our local roads to conduct a traffic count. We made a tally of the different modes of transport and explained how this was affecting our planet and global warming. We suggest ways we could cut down our CO2 emissions such as walk or cycle to school, use the bus rather than the car or car share where possible.