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Spring 2 - Innocent until proven guilty...?

This half term we are delving into the idea of being innocent until proven guilty. We are exploring how the laws and practice surrounding crime and punishment has evolved since Roman England. We will travel through different eras to see the impact each society has had on shaping the modern day!

Police Visit

A police officer visited Hawks to give us an insight into the vital role the police play. She answered many of our questions about crime and punishment. She taught us about different laws in England and police powers.


Count Olaf - the wicked villain - has been a plague on the live's of the Baudelaire siblings ever since they were orphaned after a devastating fire tore their world apart. We will be writing newspaper reports, diary entries and narratives based on Lemony Snickett's 'A series of unfortunate events'.  


Fractions, fractions and more fractions! We are learning how to add and subtract fractions, including improper fractions and mixed numbers. We will also begin learning about decimals and percentages.


We will be conducting different experiments linked to the science behind solving crimes to develop our working scientifically skills.

Sustainability Week

Westglade learnt about the impact of climate change and the importance of living sustainably. We researched different ways we can become sustainable and presented some of those in reports.