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Spring 2 - Why did London burn down?

This half term the Squirrels will be learning all about the infamous Great Fire of London and how it all began!


So far, we have looked at a text in Shared Reading which gave us details of London around the time of the fire. We know that they had experienced an especially long, hot, dry summer and the city was dry and dusty. Houses back then were made from wood and a sticky tar-like substance called pitch which was incredibly flammable and the houses were built really close together.


We will investigate different sources, such as Samuel Pepys' diary, to help us think about how we know about what happened in the past. We will examine drawings and paintings of the fire and use these to create some fiery, silhouette artwork of the London landscape and bake bread, thinking back to where the fire started.



BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Samuel Pepys - Great Fire of London

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Today we thought back to where the fire started and imagined we were bakers from Thomas Farriner's bakery in 1666. We discussed what ingredients we would need to make the bread and we talked about the job of the yeast. We learned that the  yeast converted the sugar into carbon dioxide and we saw this process for ourselves as we left our bread to rise over lunchtime in a warm place. When we returned, it had doubled in size!



As part of British Science Week, we have been learning all about bulbs! We looked at them closely using magnifying glasses and thought about the similarities and differences between seeds and bulbs. We looked at different plants that had been grown from bulbs and found at that flowers from bulbs come back year after year!



On Friday, we started our Great Fire of London artwork. We studied pictures of the fire and then used these as inspiration to paint our flames!

World Book Day


Y2s trip to Waterstones and World Book Day celebrations!