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Pancake Day!

5th March 2019


The children sampled some pancakes this afternoon, as well as designing their favourite pancake.

Spring 2


Welcome back to a new half term! We hope everyone had a fantastic break and are now looking forward to the exciting things taking place in Spring 2. Keep checking the school website and newsletters for important dates, as this is a very busy half term. We begin with World Book Day on Friday 1st March 2019, where the children can dress up as their favourite character from a book. We will look forward to seeing some amazing characters. Our first week back is also Anti-Bullying week, where we will discuss bullying with the children as well as what to do if they feel like they are being bullied.




English this half term will continue to focus on using our phonics to support our spelling, as well as reading our sentences back to make sure they make sense. We are exploring different punctuation such as question marks and exclamation marks. Our first week back will focus on the traditional tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

Within reading, we are continuing with our shared reading sessions and looking at different texts together. We will predict what could happen next in stories as well as using non-fiction texts to find information.





In maths this half term, the children will be moving on to numbers up to 50. They will continue looking at place value using the language of tens and ones, as well as moving on to addition and subtraction with these bigger numbers. To support your child at home, they could practise counting forwards and backwards up to 50.




This half term there will be an exciting science day taking place for the whole school, and our topic for science in Year 1 is all about everyday materials. We will be carrying out experiments to test different materials and their properties, as well as naming the materials objects are made out of.


Learning Challenge


Our question this half term is 'Did Robin Hood Shop at Tesco?' We are learning all about the legend of Robin Hood and will be finding out what he ate, where he lived, what he did and what he looked like. The children will get the chance to sit around the campfire and tell stories as if they lived in a forest. (There may even be some marshmallows!)




Thank you to everyone who made an animal for their homework project. They look amazing and it is clear that lots of hard work and imagination has been put in to them. Take a look below:

Spring 1


Welcome back! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and are excited for the new year. There are lots of exciting things to look forward to in this half term, including our art weeks. The children will be learning all about Andy Goldsworthy, and recreating his artwork as well as creating their own masterpieces inspired by him.

Pizza Making


The children continued to look at instructions in English this week, and how to make pizzas. They then made and tasted their product before writing their own!


31st January 2019


The children in Year 1 had a great time learning about instructions this week. They then followed those instructions to make their own jam or lemon curd sandwich.

Tuesday 22nd January 2019 - Jungle Jo came to visit!


The children in Year 1 had a fantastic time holding a variety of different animals as well as learning lots of facts.

The children explored the school grounds to collect their natural materials for their art. They then arranged them to create their own art pieces.





The children will be writing more non fiction based pieces of writing this half term, including instructions. They will be continuing to use their phonics to help with their spelling and remembering to form their letters correctly. The children will be learning how to use question marks and exclamation marks in their writing.





In maths, Hedgehogs will be continuing to add and subtract but with numbers up to 20. They will continue to use the base 10 equipment to make the numbers and show their calculations. To support their learning, the children will be practising the 10 times tables at school, so they could continue this counting at home.





The children will continue to discuss a variety of texts in shared reading and be focussing on their predicting skills. They will be using what they notice in the book to try and guess what might happen next. The children are encouraged to use to word 'because' to do this.

To promote a love of reading, the children will be able to bring in their slippers or socks every Friday for our class story on a Friday afternoon.   



Learning Challenge and Science


This half term, Hedgehogs learning challenge question is, 'Can snakes fly?' We will be exploring animals and putting them into different categories in science. We will explore the school grounds to see the different animals we have locally and discuss what animals need.