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Hello and welcome to spring term 2!


This half-term we are excited to announce that our learning challenge question is- Can a Lynx survive eating only chocolate? This question will fuel all our learning this half-term, starting with Charlie and the chocolate factory in shared reading and English lessons, to creating and advertising our own chocolate bars in our learning challenge lessons. We will learn how chocolate is made and where in the world it begins its journey... from bean to bar! 


Which links perfectly to our to our science topic this half term- animals including humans, their skeletons and nutrition. We will be comparing human and animal skeletons looking for similarities and differences. We will also be looking at how muscles help our skeletons to move and the type of diet we would need to maintain healthy muscles and bones.


PE this half term will be on a Friday afternoon, however it is possible this may change due to school timetables so to be sure your child would be best to leave their kit in school all week. 



We had an astronomical time learning about space and creating and firing our very own rockets! Much to our surprise there had been a strange disposal of unknown objects left on the school field over the weekend. Investigators ensured that the site was safe and that they suspected Martian life had something to do with it...

Check out our chocolate bar fillings designed for a Lynx to eat! Luckily for us it tasted just like a casserole!

Hello and welcome to the spring term 1!


This first half term our learning challenge question is ‘Do you dare to explore the Amazon rainforest?’ We will be linking this with geography and exploring both physical and human geography. Locating the Amazon rainforest on a map and looking at which countries it inhabits, including the Amazon river and the important role it plays in inporting and exporting goods to and from Brazil.


We will also be investigating the native people of the Amazon, how they live and the similarities and differences between their lives and ours. To do this, we will need to put our exploring hats on and get to work but be careful those jaguars have a deadly bite! 


Our science topic this half term is ‘forces and magnets’ where you can decide if forces really are fantastic! We will be looking at pushes and pulls and how forces act within a magnet to create a magnetic field. We will also explore a variety of materials and whether they are magnetic or non- magnetic.



During spring 1, this first half term, your child will be swimming every Tuesday morning and need to bring full swimming kit including a towel. Should your child wish to wear goggles, a signed letter needs to be given in to the office to authorise this. Please make sure girls have their hair tied up in a bobble and jewellery is taken off. 

Check out some of our Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures this week!

Look at our own attempts of sculptures this week inspired by Goldsworthy’s art work.