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Spring 2 - What happens next?

This half term is all about our favourite stories...

Week 1 - Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Week 2 - Elmer

Week 3 - The 3 Billy Goats Gruff

Week 4 - The 3 Little Pigs

Week 5 - The Gingerbread Man


We have lots of exciting activities to go alongside our daily tasks. 


Some things for you to look out for and talk to your children about are:

  • Drumming
  • Cycling
  • Woodwork skills

Happy Easter to everyone.

On Thursday morning we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt on the field and then sat together to eat the eggs. 

On Thursday afternoon our parents came and we had an Easter Parade showing everyone our hats and bonnets. we also sang some of our favourite songs.


Spanish Day
Spanish Day at Westglade was fun and exciting. We had Sangria made with grape juice, orange juice and lemonade. We tasted tortilla wraps and crisps, salsa and olives.
We made castanets to play with Spanish music.

Woodwork skills


Mrs Mitchell went on a course to help us incorporate woodwork into Ladybirds and Sparrows.  We have started to work with the children 1 by 1 to show them how to use different tools.  As you can imagine, they have been very excited to get 'stuck in'!

Biking skills in Ladybirds


Thanks to Mrs Pomeroy, we have been able to access some free biking skills sessions.  These support the children in balancing and strengthening their muscles ready to use on balance bikes.  The children are absolutely loving using the balance bikes and our teacher (Mr Simpson) is great at developing our skills.  Keep a look out on the door to Ladybirds where we will be displaying photos as we go along.

Drumming in Ladybirds


We have been so lucky to have Jude in to teach us fun ways to play the drums.  We have been keeping the beat, learning new songs, singing new ones...but also looking at taking turns and listening to instructions.  It has been fantastic to see the children develop in confidence and join in over the weeks.  Well done to all our Ladybirds!  We have really enjoyed having Jude in.  To find out more about Jude and her drumming, visit:

Watch this space.....



Drumming with our parents!

The 3 Little Pigs

Week 4 - The 3 Little Pigs


This week we have been listening to the story, acting it out with sound effects!  We all made a mask as part of our Rainbow Challenge!  We had lots of fun and enjoyed role playing the pasrt of the 3 little pigs!  We also enjoyed the last of the snow!

Week 3 - The 3 Billy goats gruff


The children enjoyed learning the story and acting it outAs part of the Rainbow Challenge, the children were given the task to make a bridge like the one the goats trip trapped across.  The children made bridges in different ways.  Take a look at the bridges some of Ladybird's made...

3 Billy goats

Week 1 - Chinese New Year


This week was slightly shorter than it should have been due to the Beast from the East showing a snowy appearance!  We still managed to have looks of fun including making our own Chinese Dragon to dance with, writing in Chinese and finding letters in the noodles with chop sticks!

Chinese New Year

Spring 1 - What are these fantastic beasts?


This term we are looking at different animals - fiction and real.  We hope that you will be able to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with the children!


Week 1 - Animals that we know

Week 2 & 3 - Dinosaurs

Week 4 & 5 - Fantasy creatures

Week 6 - Pancake or Chapati


(Week 6 falls when Shrove Tuesday is celebrated and as our Ladybirds love food we thought we had to celebrate it!)

Week 6

As part of our celebration of Pancakes, we had a variety of activities including making up the batter (reading simple instructions), flipping pretend pancakes in the home role play area, making a batch of pancakes and finally eating pancakes and discussing what we enjoy having with our pancakes! 

Flipping Pancakes!

Weeks 4 and 5


Over the last couple of weeks, we have been exploring fantasy creatures, looking at the Gruffalo story in particular.  All the children have really enjoyed exploring and making up creatures.  They used their fine motor skills to cut tape, hole punch and then thread the wool through the holes to make binoculars.  The children then went outside to try and find the monsters that left the monster slime....they had great fun!!!

On a daily basis....


We always have lots of fun in Ladybirds.  Here are a few photos of other things we have been up to. 

Drumming time!


Over the next five weeks, Ladybirds will be taking part in drumming sessions.  Jude (our leader) will be showing us how to make music with the djembe drum, learn new songs and enjoy making music together.  Our first session was great and we look forward to the next four weeks!  Take a look at our photgraphs below...

Spring 1 far


We have had a busy few weeks in ladybirds since the start of the Spring term...We have been learning new skills, having visitors (human and animal!) and generally having fun at school!

Have a look at the photos to see what we have been up to!


Our Dinosaur event!

Spring : So far....

We are really trying hard to develop our Number and shape skills in Ladybirds...