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Summer 1- ' Mountains and Volcanoes'

Thank you for joining us on our Summer 1 page. During this half term, come with us as we attempt to summit mighty mountains and volcanoes in Learning Challenge; prepare for a buzz and some shocks as we explore electricity in Science. Maths sees us tackling decimals, money and time. English focuses on poetry, writing as a well known character as well as pulling at the heart strings with some emotive writing. 

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Set in Cuba, ‘Drum Dream Girl’ tells the tale of a young girl who dreams of drumming; the problem is, only boys are allowed to do it. The poem tells of her breaking these boundaries to become a respected musician. 

We used this poem and turned it into a rap by creating our own drumbeats and rhythms that will fit the style and the words of the poem.

Drum Dream Girl Rapping

Could you climb Everest? Join us on our exploration of Mounains and Volcanoes

Erupting our AMAZING volcano homework projects 🌋