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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

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  • Creativity
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  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Summer 1 Week 1 - week beginning 20th April

Welcome back to a new half term! 

Each day I would love it if you could try and complete the following activities:

-Read Write Inc using the links below - this is will help you continue to be superstar readers and writers! 

-It is super important to keep active as well. Not only will this help keep you healthy but it will make you feel happier so have a go at PE with Joe (link below) or create your own fun activities indoors or in your garden.

- Try and have a go at some of the 'fine motor' activities on the bingo sheet below. Having good fine motor control means your handwriting will be beautiful and you will find writing much easier! 

- Complete one page of each of your workbooks

- Have a go reading the 'ditty sheets' that are in your home learning packs. 

- Each day I will provide you with a maths challenge or activity below so keep checking on here. 

- I will also pick a story for you to end the day with, I hope you enjoy them! 


I will also be adding things to Purple Mash for you to have a go at each week. It would also be great if you could add to the class blog on there. You can also comment on your friends' posts to say hello! I will share pictures further down this page to help you access this. 


BUT..... Please don't forget to have lots of fun with your family. Look after them and yourselves and we will all be back together soon - we miss you all lots! :) 


Each day please try and access these links:

Read Write Inc youtube channel

Each day they release 3 new videos to learn a new sound or practise one your child already knows. After watching maybe try and write some words with the sounds you have learnt!


PE with Joe Wicks

A free, daily PE session with The Body Coach. 

Available on YouTube


Other activities/resource pages:

These links are also really useful resources. 

David Walliams audiobook - a new and free one every day 

Why not try and draw a picture of what happens in each story?


Maths - Home Learning from White Rose Maths


Maths - Numberblocks is a great programme for helping your child understand their numbers, how they are made, what they look like, one more/less etc!


Free ebooks available at !!!


Free reading website - there is also an app but there may be a charge for that!

Topic bingo - Where can we find water?

Can you complete our fine motor bingo?

How to add to the class blog on Purple Mash...


Click'sharing' > 'Shared blogs' > 'F2 Butterflies'

Click the green add button to add your post



Friday 24th April

Happy Friday! 

Following on from yesterday's subtracting/taking away, I have got an activity that I think you will enjoy... 

(hint... if you choose the drinks picture I think it will make you laugh!)


If that link doesn't work on your device, or if you want an extra challenge:

Can you use the questions I gave you yesterday but this time can you have a go drawing to find the answers? 

So for 7 - 2 = ___ 


Can you draw 7 sweets/circles/objects (whatever you like) and then to take 2 away can you cross them out? How many have you got left? If you have 5 you are correct! yes


Repeat this for the other questions...happy subtracting!

Story time - A Dot in the Snow

Thursday 23rd April 

Good morning! 

I have added a 'water' bingo further up the page for our looks perfect weather for some water activities! 

As always try and have a go working through the tasks at the top of the page.

Today for maths let's do some subtracting! Sometimes we call this 'take away'. 


So first of all, can you choose 10 objects - they can be anything. 

Our first question is going to be   7 - 2 = ____ 


So as 7 is the first number can you count out 7 objects? 

Now, the next part says  -2 which means take 2 away. How many have you got left?


If you got 5... you are correct! 


Have a go at these next questions, remembering to start off with the first number each time:


5 - 1 =


7 - 3 = 


10 - 4 =


8 - 2 = 


9 - 5 =


6 - 3 = 


4 - 4 = 


5 - 0 = 



Story time: Winnie's Perfect Pet

Wednesday 22nd April 

Good morning! What a lovely sunny day it is today.

Following on from yesterday's addition questions I have found a fun activity for you.... this time you have to count frogs on the screen so it will test your counting as you cannot move the objects. It will give you chance to practise reading number sentences and answering them.


For an extra challenge you could reuse the questions from yesterday but instead of using objects, see if you can draw pictures to solve the questions? 

So if the question is 5 + 3 = ? ..... you could draw 5 circles and then 3 more, how many altogether?


Keep an eye on Purple Mash too!

Story time - I Want to Go First

Tuesday 21st April 

Good morning everyone! Don't forget to check the top of this page for what activities to complete each day! 

Today's maths activity is all about addition....


When we add one amount to another, we get a larger amount. We end up of with more!


1. First of all, can you count out 10 objects? They can be anything at all! Put them on a plate or to one side so that they are not in the way. 


2. Now, can you put 5 of your objects in front of you? Count them carefully. 


3. Count out 3 more and add them to the 5 objects. Now how many do you have? 


4. If you have 8 altogether.... YOU ARE RIGHT!


5. You worked out the question:   5 + 3 = 8


6. Now I am going to give you some similar questions to have a go at. Each time, start with counting out the first number of objects, then add the next amount of objects. Count out how many altogether and that will give you the answer! 


6 + 3 = 


7 + 3 = 


4 + 4 = 


5 + 2 = 


9 + 1 = 


8 + 1 = 


6 + 0 = 


Well done! 


Story time - The Fairytale Hairdresser and The Princess and The Frog

Monday 20th April 

Today your maths challenge is:

Can you go on a circle hunt around your house? Can you spot any if you got for a walk? to the shops? Can you see them out of your window. 

Can you draw a circle? Can you draw a big circle and a little circle? Can you create a pattern using different coloured circles? 

Remember.... a circle has 0 corners and 1 curved side. 

Can you then do this with other 2D shapes? Square, rectangle, triangle. 


(don't forget to have a look at the activities at the top of the page) 


I have also added a counting activity to Purple Mash for you to have a go at this week.

Storytime - Shark in the Park with Nick Sharratt + Draw-along

This story even has a draw along for you!