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What does every settlement need? We have designed and made our own settlements with all the resources a settlement needs.

For our homework project this term we had to design and/or make our dream house. Here are some of our ideas.

An afternoon of fun and food at the Pine Marten's Picnic

More measuring in maths.

Who had the largest/smallest head?
Who had the longest foot?
What is the difference between the sizes?
What is the total of the sizes?

Spanish Day! We learnt all about Madrid.

More fun at tennis this afternoon.

In Maths this week we have been consolidating our knowledge of telling the time and working out time intervals. On the Friday we had maths outdoors. We made a big clock using Roman Numerals for numbers and then had to move the hands according to the time and time intervals we were given.

Our first Tennis session was a lot of fun.

Can you throw the ball in the air and catch it?
Can  you clap before your catch it?
Can you bounce the ball and catch it?
How many times can you bounce the ball?

In Science we are learning about Force and Magnets

Which Surface causes the most friction?
It was the Artificial Grass!