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Summer 2


Welcome back to our final half term of this year! There are so many exciting things planned to complete a brilliant year as the Hedgehogs! We hope you all had an amazing half term and are ready for our new learning challenge.



Learning Challenge


Our new question is half term is 'How did the dinosaurs become extinct?' We will be learning all about the different dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth and become Palaeontologists by finding different fossils within our school grounds.  

Here are some of the dinosaurs that we might be learning about... can you guess where the photos were taken?



In English this half term we are refining our skills of using capital letters, full stops and question marks. We are continuing to use our sounds to support our spelling and are learning common exception words. We will be learning traditional tales such as Little Red Hen and Jack and the Beanstalk.


For reading, we will continue to take part in shared reading and Read, Write, Inc and start to develop our fluency in reading. Please continue to practise reading at home.




In maths this half term we will be starting off by learning our left and right and then move on to learning about numbers up to 100, including comparing and ordering them. We will then move on to recognising money and telling the time for o clock and half past.




In science we are continuing to learn about plants and will be planting our own seeds to see how they grown.



Summer 1
Welcome back to a fantastic half term. We hope you have had a great Easter holiday and are ready and excited for the new learning ahead!

Learning Challenge

This half term our learning challenge question is 'Where does our food come from?' The children will be exploring different types of food and learning about a balanced and healthy diet. They will look at the different countries in the UK and where different foods are produced. Also, they will have the opportunity to grow their own vegetable to take home.



Within writing, the children are still applying their phonics to support their spelling as well as thinking about their punctuation of capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. The first story that we are learning about is Oliver's Vegetables.

For reading, the children are still being encouraged to use their phonics to decode unfamiliar words. They are continuing with shared reading and discuss the text by finding evidence within it. The children will be reading a non-fiction texts about hedgehogs in the first week back.



This half term, the children will be learning about multiplication and what this means. They will be counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 as well as making arrays. Practising counting with the children at home will support their learning.



The children will be learning all about plants in science. They will have the opportunity to visit Wollaton Hall where they will learning different names of plants, the importance of bees and how to plant seeds. They will then continue to learn about plants in the classroom, including the names for the different parts of the plants.