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Summer 2



We have been extremely lucky this half-term and as part of our PE provision, we have been able to go ice-skating! We have had 6 sessions where we work with a coach to improve our skating skills. We have to achieve certain criteria to pass each grade. For example, to pass Grade 1, we need to be able to do things such as get up from the ice unaided without placing our hands on the floor or be able to crouch low and glide across the ice for three seconds. We have our final session next week where we will be tested for our gradings! We have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have been exceptionally behaved!

Learning Challenge


Our Learning Challenge question for this half term is 'Could you live at the top of Mount Everest?' This week, we have explored the different mountains and mountain ranges and found out that they are present in every continent of the world! We used atlases and maps to create our own world map. We each chose a continent and then researched the mountains and mountain ranges in that continent. Once we had done this, we added these to our maps and then used the iPads to add research about them. We were very please/proud of the results!



As part of our Spanish theme day, we looked at the work of famous Spanish architect and artist, Antoni Gaudí. We looked at several of the buildings he designed and built located in Barcelona and its surrounding areas.


Gaudí's work was influenced by his passions in life: architecture, nature, and religion. He considered every detail of his creations and integrated into his architecture crafts such as ceramics, stained, glass, wrought iron forging and carpentry. He also introduced new techniques in the treatment of materials, such as trencadís which used waste ceramic pieces.


We used some of his influences to come up with our own take on his works. Have a look at our beautiful creations below!



In Maths this week, we have been exploring how to multiply and divide whole and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. It's tricky but we have used a variety of ways to try and help us master the method!