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Summer 2- 'book based unit "The Bolds" by Julian Clary'

Welcome to our Summer 2 page. During this half-term,  you will find us working a lot on Africa; as we are basing our Learning Challenge on the hilarious book 'The Bolds' by Julian Clary. We will be discovering where Africa is in the world, how many different countries and landscapes make up the continent; what the wildlife is like; what traditions do the people of Africa have? We will also be exploring what life is like in a tribe. For our Science, we will be covering a lot of different topics throughout this half-term that we will link to Africa so we can figure out how to settle in, should we ever visit. We will, of course, be continuing with a variety of new and exciting lessons in our English and Maths, also. Stay tuned :) 

Year 4 are 'Boldly' going to Africa

Classifying African animals based on their characteristics 🦁🐒🦎🐊