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Summer 2 - Current!

Practising left and right

Making fidget spinners and then writing instructions on how to do it!

Spanish day


Today we did tasting of some Spanish foods... some were way more popular than others! 

Spanish tortilla - not everyone was a fan!

Chorizo and meats were much more popular!

Trying olives...not a popular choice!

Dressed up for Spanish day!

We made castanets and learned flamenco!

Sorting non-fiction and fiction texts

Practising our number bonds: numicon, time trials and wish fish!

Homework project:

Your CHALLENGE: can you create a model, or a map, or a diagram of your house? Can you talk us through the layout of your house using directional language?

Year 1's visit to Rise Park church

What better way to start our final half term than with a trip?! We have been learning lots about Christianity this year and have recently been looking at features of a church so it was great to go and see a church for ourselves!