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Was Ancient Egypt a civilisation?


That’s right the Egyptians are back! We will be taking a trip back in time to Ancient Egypt to learn all about how the Egyptians lived, worked and their beliefs after death. We will be looking into depths of the ancient pyramids and discover who was buried there.


Who was King Tut?

How did the Egyptians mummify a body?

Where is Egypt?

What is Egypt like now?

Do pyramids still exist?

How were slaves treated?

Can you write like an Egyptian?


We will be using this learning to help us with our writing this half term such as instructions on how to mummify a body and writing a letter to the Pharaoh to persuade him to stop using people as slaves! We are excited for the journey to come!

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This half term we have topic homework which is linked to the Ancient Egyptians! This means your child will have from the start of the half term until Wednesday 17th July to complete their homework. Here are some ideas on what you could do for your child's topic homework linked to the Ancient Egyptians:

  • create a power point presentation
  • create/build a miniature pyramid
  • instructions on how to make a mummy
  • a poster of information
  • information booklet
  • draw/paint/build an Egyptian sarcophagus


Anything linked to the Ancient Egyptians that is building on the children's learning in school will be fantastic! We are looking to put homework on display in the main corridor in school to be celebrated by all so please take your time and have a think!


Why is my shadow longer at midday?



Children will be exploring how we see using the light around us and how shadows are formed. We will be investigating how the time of day influences the size, shape and position of our shadows. We will also be looking at different sources of light and where they come from/ how they are used. Additionally, we will look at how light is reflected using different materials and which materials are best for the job!


Shape and Capacity


Our final maths challenge is looking into shape! We will learn about parallel and perpendicular lines as well as explore the magic of right angles! Finally, we will learn all about how to measure capacity.


Other exciting things...

Keep watch for other exciting things we get up to!



Who would settle here?


This half term, we will be using the painting 'Nottingham from the East' by Jan Siberechts as inspiration for our big question: Who would settle here?

We will study how land usage has changed over time and think about why this happens. Putting ourselves in the artists shoes exploring what life might have been like in Nottingham in the past compared to the present day. Then, looking into the future, we will predict how we think Nottingham may look in years to come!



This half term, we will be looking at fractions and time.