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Spanish Day was great. We dressed up in the colours of the Spanish flag red and yellow. We learnt Spanish numbers to 6. 
Claudia talked about her holiday in Spain.
We made fans in Spanish flag colours.
Ladybirds enjoyed trying tortillas and salsa.
We had great fun exploring with magnets.

Ladybirds are learning about growing this term. We enjoyed retelling the Story of The Enormous Turnip using actions and musical instruments.


We listened to the story of Oliver's Vegetables outside then we came inside to make vegetable soup.

We had a great time cutting up different kinds of vegetables for the soup.
Miss Thamina blended the vegetables together then we enjoyed tasting the soup.

Outdoor Learning 

Ladybirds have so much fun learning outside!

Ladybirds enjoyed listening to the story of Jasper's Beanstalk and then we planted beans into pots.
We must remember to water our beans for them to grow.