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Summer - The journey of a tablet: from China to you. Is the impact too great?

See the link before for information on the Year 4 statutory times tables trial testing. Please continue to use TTRS and the help sheets we are sending home to best support them.

The children designed and created a shop to practise selling things and calculating the correct change.

The children became TV presenters and taught us all about electricity!

Welcome back to the start of yet another exciting term. Our next topic will span the whole of the summer term and take us up to the end of the year. We know you will be as excited to learn about it as we are!


The journey of a tablet: from China to you. Is the impact too great?


In answering this question we are going to be exploring the human impact on global warming, climate change, climate zones, our carbon footprint, vegetation belts and regions, biomes, a cultural study of China and changes to land use, sketching, cooking food and much much more.


We will be using the book 'Dear Children of the Earth' throughout this topic which is a heart felt emotive letter written from the point of view of mother Earth.


Throughout our Science sessions we will be learning more about electricity. What is it? How can we identify types of electricity used in appliances? Can we predict and test complete and incomplete circuits? What are switches, conductors and insulators?


The Year 4 Team, 

Miss Beeden and Mrs Rourke

Dear Children Of The Earth