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The Westglade allotment


In 2012 the Westglade allotment began its life. Since then, due to the continual efforts and hard work of the children, it is now flourishing. Over the summer, we harvested strawberries (in abundance), green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and pumpkins.


During lunchtimes, children have the opportunity to visit the allotment. During the warmer weather, many children enjoyed eating their lunch here with Miss Lord.


The after-school gardening club takes place throughout most of the year. Thank you to the children who take part in this as this has helped to maintain the success of the allotment. 



Strawberry season again!

Year 4 planting things that will grow and be sold at the School Fair

Miss Lord selling plants at the school Summer Fair to raised funds for the following year!

The children have been working closing with Miss Lord in the allotment. They took a range of beans and plants home to help grow over the Easter holidays and these are some of those that have been brought back. They will all be finding homes in the allotment where the children can continue to look after them.


In the allotment you will find... runner beans, aubergines, tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins, peppers, sunflowers, ginger, garlic, lettuce, potatoes and much, much more!


We are very lucky to have such a keen gardener in Miss Lord who helps up-level our outdoor provision!