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Wednesday 20th May


Recap these spellings from yesterday.


various       eight           woman          women


Complete the missing words:

There were 2 ________ eating breakfast.

There was 1 _________ eating breakfast.

There was a ___________ in the shop.

There were ___________ in the shop.

You can practise in _____________ ways.

Seven, _________, nine, ten.  Ready or not, I’m coming!


Now have a go at using these words to write your own sentences.

E.g. A spider has eight legs.



English BBC Bitesize Lesson

Follow the link to today’s English lesson – Using subordinating conjunctions

Have a go at writing your own sentences using the subordinate conjunctions below:

Shared Reading - Read the text and answer the questions


485 + 560 =

739 - 234 =

390 ÷ 2 =

1038 + 2947 =

8365 - 253 =

87 x 8 =

7244 ÷ 2 =

124 - 121 =

Half of 822 =

Double 189 =



White Rose Maths Lesson

Follow the link to another maths lesson on equivalent fractions.

Click on week 5 w/c 18th May Lesson 3 and watch the video.

After watching the video, follow this link below to the BBC Bitesize website to do the activities linked to the lesson.



Have a go at this extra activity too:

Other Subjects/Activities



BBC Bitesize – Friction and resistance



See our Spanish page for his week’s activity on saying your age.



Learning Challenge

Take a look at our Learning Challenge e-learning page for this week’s activities. Also check out the afternoon/other activities that are listed on the y4 page. Some really fun ideas to keep you all entertained!


PE With Joe | Wednesday 20th May

Live at 9am!

Mastery Tasks - Challenge & Stretch


English Mastery/Greater Depth Task:

This activity is aimed to stretch your English skills further!

Today we will be looking at speech marks and how they are used in writing.

Have you used speech marks before? They look like this “ “


Watch the video below to learn more about how speech marks are used:


Complete the worksheet below using what you’ve learned about speech marks:

Mastery Maths with Greater Depth

Push yourselves with this mastery activity!

Test your knowledge further on equivalent fractions with this task.