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Week 1


The big butterfly release! The butterflies are now free. We have tied pieces of fruit to the bush where we released them so they could feed on the sugary water.


I wonder if you could describe these butterflies and caterpillars? Remember to speak in full sentences.
The caterpillar is long. The caterpillar is stripy.


Tasty Tuesday Treat - Making biscuits. It is a long video but I am making biscuits! I wonder whether you could make some? Mine didn't last very long! I would love some of you to create a video making something tasty to share with your friends on here....once recorded, email the video to Bertie and we will try and fit them all in!


What could you make using egg boxes or other recycled boxes?


Maybe you could try to freeze some water to make ice like me and find out which things will make the ice melt quickest? You could also have a go at making a boat out of foil. If you place it in some water, try adding 1p pennies and see how many 1p coins you can put in the boat before it capsizes!

Could you have a go at making a leaf creation? I made an animal and a person! What could you make? Send us a photo!


Mrs Deller at the park (part 1)


Mrs Deller at the park (part 2)


Good Morning Bees! It is Ella's birthday today so hope you have a lovely day. Wishing you a Happy Birthday from all your teachers at Westglade. Today's activity is to create a shape picture.

Creating Shape Pictures

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