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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

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Week 4

A weekend extra!

Although it's the weekend Bees, I had to share how the caterpillars are getting on!  They are growing and changing daily!  The photo is of the caterpillars taken on yesterday (Friday) and the video was taken today while they were wriggling around in the pot!!  I will let you know if anything else changes!

Caterpillar update 1.05.20

Caterpillar update


Friday 1st May 2020

Morning Bees hope you enjoy learning with today's videos. Traditional stories are great fun. Remember a traditional story always starts with Once Upon a time. Maybe you could ask your grown up if they know anymore traditional stories. From your activity packs you could use your sticks and paper to make puppets of the characters from the 3 Little Pigs story and then re tell the story.

The Story of the Three Little Pigs

Longer than? Shorter than?

Thursday 30th April

Hello Bees hope you are keeping safe and well. Have a go at the Maths Game. Hope you have fun guessing the answers!


Also today, see if you can be like a pirate!  Hide a toy and ask an adult to help you draw where it is on a map!  Can someone else follow your map to find the hidden toy?

One more One Less

The great cheese robbery


Update on Mrs T's seedlings!

Here is the video showing what my seedlings look like now!  I am very proud of how my little vegetable plants are growing!  I wonder if you have planted any seeds yet.  I would love to see how they are growing!

Mrs T growing seeds update


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Bees!  The weather is not as sunny as we have had, but try and make the most of it!  I am pleased that the rain will water my plants in the garden!  

I really want to see what you have been up to..maybe you could ask an adult to take a photo of something you have done or made and send it to Bertie.



Why elephant has a trunk


The next video was recorded a few weeks ago to give my seedlings a chance to grow!  I will then give you an update later on to show you how they have grown since this video!  I am still watering them and making sure that they are not eaten by the slugs!

Seeds and seedlings


Tuesday 28th April

Hello Bees!  I am continuing to look after the caterpillars...they are still eating and wriggling round!  Your task today is to make a DIY telephone using some string (or wool) and 2 yogurt pots!  I am sure your mum or dad will have attempted this at some point!  Look at the instruction sheet to get started!


I hope you are finding the freeze frames on the videos as funny as I am ...I seem to be pulling some very silly faces!

Instruction sheet to make yogurt pot phones!

Jasper's beanstalk


Maths - shapes


Monday 27th April

Hello everyone!  We hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunny weather.

Today we thought we'd add a singing video to go along with a story and phonics session.  Today we'll be looking at a new sound 'u'.


A little bit of singing!




Hugless Douglas


Caterpillar update!

The caterpillars are happily eating the food provided in the tub!  They are getting bigger everyday!  This is a photograph taken yesterday.  Can you see how much bigger they have gotten?

Caterpillar - 1 week on