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Week 4

We are moving into Week 4 and we are all still excited to see what you have been getting up to!  If you haven't emailed anything at all or for a while...take some photos and send them!  We know that you are all learning in very different ways and we would love to celebrate this with you!  If you are a regular contributor...thank you and please carry on!
Is it 3 little men in a flying saucer Lexa?
Does it float or sink?
A scavenger hunt for Lexa
Cody's dinosaur
Lexa's dot to dot and colour by number
Making a caterpillar
Cody's dinosaur maths!
Our stickmen!
Practising the letters of the alphabet
Rhyming with Cody!
Wow! What a chocolate cake!
More and fewer/shapes with Lexa
A message from Lexa ....
Potato printing for Daddy's card!
Lexa practising her number formation
Some lovely, wobbly jellyfish Lexa!
Beautiful handwritten father's day card