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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

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  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Week 5

Monday 29th June

I wonder if you have remembered that our Learning Challenge for this term is about water - Does water make the world go round? Can you think about all the things we use water for?  How does water help us?  I wonder if you could tell an adult in your family all the things you know we use water for?


Shall we try a little bit of magic today?  All you need are some coloured pens or felt tips and some kitchen roll!  I really enjoyed doing this so I hope you will too!



Kitchen paper magic


Tuesday 30th June

I wonder whether you can think about the 4 seasons that we have every year.  Do you know what the 4 seasons are?  They are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  We are currently in Summer.  I wonder if you could draw pictures of what you might see in each of the seasons or what someone might wear in the different seasons (eg In summer, you might wear shorts and t-shirt with a sun hat whereas in Winter, you would wear, a warm thick jumper and coat with gloves, hat and a scarf).  Below is one that I made earlier!


Today I want you to get moving! As our LC is all about water, a dance all about rain would be ideal!  We have had a lot of rain so you'll know all about it!

4 seasons art

Preschool Learn to Dance: Drip Drop Rain

Tasty Tuesday Treat

As it's Tuesday, Lilly, Rosie and their big brother Ollie have kindly recorded a video to show us how to decorate doughnuts for our Tasty Tuesday Treat!  I think I will have to go to the shop and buy some when my family see this video!  Thank you to the Fox's!

Donut decorating :-)

Wednesday 1st July

Today we will be thinking about a special use of water.  Baptism, also know as being christened.  Christians baptise their babies and children to show that they trust Jesus, to thank God and become part of God's family.  Have you been baptised or Christened?  Water is a sign of new life and a new beginning with Jesus.

The activities today are all based on Baptism.  There is a short video to watch about the baptism of Jesus, a video on how to make a dove (with consertina wings) and watch a video of a doll being baptised!  The dove is a sign of peace and of the Holy Spirit.

I wonder if you could make your own dove and have your own baptism with a favourite teddy or doll.

The Baptism of Jesus

Based on Matt 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; John 1:29-34

How to make a paper dove


Thursday 2nd July

Thinking about the story of Jesus being baptised and what baptism means, I wonder whether you can draw a picture of Jesus being baptised?

Friday 3rd July

Hope you enjoy finding out which materials are waterproof. It is great fun exploring!

Is it Waterproof?