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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Week 6

This week there are yet more great ideas for you to try!  Send some photos in so all your friends can see what you have been up to!


Monday 6th July

I wonder what the weather is doing where you live?  We had a lot of rain and blustery winds.  Why don't you ask an adult to jot down or you could draw what the weather does on different days?

Your second challenge today... Have you ever seen a snow globe?  Do you wish you had one?  Well now you will have if you follow the video!

DIY snow globe


Tuesday 7th July

Hopefully you have started to record the weather that is happening on different days.  I wonder what you will draw for today?  Different weather makes us wear different clothing.  When it is hot, we might wear a t-shirt with shorts and sandals.  When it is windy and wet, we might wear trousers, jumper, a waterproof coat and wellies.  Your task today is to think about the different weather that we have and what clothes we would wear with it!  

Your second challenge today is to make a rain gauge.  A rain gauge measures water when it rains.  I am going to use a squash bottle, but you can be creative and make yours out of anything that will collect the rain water and is waterproof (something that is cardboard will get soggy in the rain!)

Making a rain gauge


Tasty Tuesday Treat

We have yet another video from one of our lovely Bees:  Jamie-Leigh.  Jamie-Leigh and her mummy have kindly put a video together of Jamie-Leigh making cookies.  I'm not sure if you all making videos was a good idea - I want to make and eat all of these things!


Thank you both for making the video - the cookies look delicious - yummy!

Wednesday 8th July

What is your favourite type of weather? Mine is sun with a little breeze to help me not get too hot!  Maybe you could draw you favourite weather.  I wonder what it would look like?


Your second challenge today.  Have you ever watched the weather forecast on the tv?  We have a special broadcast for you to watch today.  I wonder if you could make up your own weather forecast and record it?  We could add it onto the website!

Westglade weather report

Thursday 9th July

We are still thinking about water.  I have been thinking about some questions...

How can we be and stay safe around water?

Can we use water for fun?


During the summer and when the weather is so hot, I wonder whether you play in a paddling pool to cool yourself down?  It would be a good opportunity to talk about being safe around water.



Friday 10th July

Hello Bees. Our creative project today is decorating a fish.

Decorate a Fish