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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

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  • Creativity
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  • Respect
  • Honesty

Week 7

Even more creative activities for you to try this week...


Monday 13th July

Continuing from our Learning Challenge on 'Does water make the world go round?' we are looking at where the rain comes from. 

I wonder how much rain you collected last week using your rain gauge?  Which day collected more rain?  Today we will look at how rain falls....this is known as the water cycle.


I wonder if you could think of ways to keep our water (sea/lakes and rivers) clean?

The water cycle


Tuesday 14th July


Can you design and make a postcard for a family or friend?  You could ask an adult to write your message down and then you could write your name.


Your video challenge, is to make a boat.  It will need to be waterproof to float on the water!  Use any materials that are around the house along with sellotape or glue.

Making a waterproof boat


Tasty Tuesday Treat


Today we have Ella and her grandma making bagel pizzas!  They look so easy to make so I will be having a go at making some of these!  Thank you for being part of our TTT production!!

A quick way to make pizza

Wednesday 15th July


Before you try to complete today's creative tasks, watch the story for today (The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch) because the 2 activities link with the story!

Think  about the Lighthouse keeper's lunch...what would you have had in your basket for lunch?  You could draw pictures of the food or write a shopping list of what you would include.  You could write the initial sound of all the things that you would have!


The video shows your second challenge for today.  You can make your own lighthouse!


DIY lighthouse


Thursday 16th July

Morning Bees today for you creative project you can create a moving sea picture. Don't forget to send us a photo to Bertie of your creations.

Moving Sea Pictures

Friday 17th July

Morning Bees hope you enjoy creating sea creatures today

Creating Sea Creatures