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Week 7

So much learning that has been going on during our time off school...
Decorating biscuits
Lexa exploring the number 8
LOL visiting!
Corben exploring out and about
Visiting Grandad
Lexa's 4 seasons
What can you see Corben?
Amelia-Lilly visiting the chicken shed
Lexa practising her 'l's
Buttering toast
ate/eight rhyming - Lexa
What did you spot up there boys?
Peppa snow globe
Lexa's weather picture
Ella's butterfly - lovely!
Lexa's 8 hunt!
Raphael and Reginald walking
Exploring the senses...
Rosie, Lilly and Ollie making biscuits
What Lexa would wear in different weathers
Lilly,Rosie and Ollie making their rain gauge
How much did your rain gauge collect?
Raphael you look very happy!
Creative Corben!
binoculars 0 what did you spy Ella?
Amelia-Lilly, Oscar and Alfie picking strawberries

Rainy adventures

Amiah and Jamie-Leigh - a wet weather report!