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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

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  • Creativity
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  • Honesty

Week 7

Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Bees. Hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Maths time today is on the theme of opposites. I think it will be great fun to see what the teddies are doing but a challenge too.  

Opposites Part 1

Opposites part 2

After you have listened to the Story of the Selfish Crocodile you could draw a picture of some of the animals in your pink jotter and colour them in. You could also practice the letter c in your jotter. Remember when writing curl around the caterpillar.

The Selfish Crocodile

Thursday 21st May


Hello everyone!  There are no more signs from the butterflies.  The two that are out of their chrysalides are just getting used to being butterflies, drying their wings and drinking the natural sugars from the orange slices we have left for them.  We will be releasing them either today or tomorrow.  This will allow the others to have more room in the net when they emerge. 


You have a treat today...Mrs Thamina has sung the 'Slap, clap' song.  I know that you all know the song so make sure you sing along with her!

The slap, clap song with Mrs Thamina


Numbers on the clock

Making a clock face

Marmaduke the very different dragon


Wednesday 20th May


Hello everyone!  Yesterday tea time, a second butterfly emerged from his chrysalis.  He needed a little bit of a helping hand from Mr Turner when it became clear that he was stuck.  The butterfly was rescued and is now drying his wings out.  In the video, you may have noticed a red substance on the green box where the chrysalis are hanging.  Don't worry about this, it is not blood.  It happens when the wings are drying out.


There are two stories today.  After you have listened to the end of The very hungry caterpillar video, there is another video with activities that you could try and do at home linked with the theme of caterpillars and butterflies.



Butterfly emerging


Phonics 'f'


The very hungry caterpillar


Caterpillar creations!


Spider sandwiches

Tuesday 19th May


Good morning Bees!  What a lovely day it is set to be today!  I hope you enjoy the videos for today!

I have taken a photo of the chrysalides for you to look at...they look rather revolting at the moment.  We are still waiting for the butterflies to emerge!


While we are thinking about butterflies, I wanted to remind you of the dances we have practised at school.  If you go to preschool learn to dance:  Butterfly wings and Little butterfly they will be able to dance away some of their energy, feel good about themsleves and develop some more coordination!


Another activity that you can do today is to measure the people that are in your home.  Who is the tallest?  Are you the shortest?  Can you put your family in order?  I'd love to see some photos!

Chrysalide update

The first butterfly!


So, when I was no looking at the butterfly net, one butterfly decided that it wanted to come out of its chrysalis!  This means that sadly I didn't match to capture the process.  I will try harder and keep looking at them!!  Here is your first look at the butterfly!  We have put a slice of orange into the net to feed from.

Our first butterfly emerges!

Where is Bertie?


Hide me kipper


Monday 18th May


Good morning everyone!  We hope that you have had a lovely weekend in the sun!

The chrysalides are still hanging and no signs of butterflies yet...but watch this space - it could happen at any time!  We are on butterfly watch and hope that we can catch and record the first sights of the butterflies.

There are 4 videos for you to view today!  The life cycle of a butterfly is in two videos plus your phonics quiz!

We hope you have a lovely day!

Phonics quiz!


The butterfly life cycle part 1


The butterfly life cycle part 2


My unusual friends