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What do you like to do? Who are the people that help us?

Autumn 1

This term is all about us and the children getting to know each other, settling in, making new friends and catching up with exisiting friends. 

We will be looking into what the children like to do, what their interests are and finding out a little about their families...


HOMEWORK.....Please could you send in a photo of your child with their family.  If you have pets we would love to see them in the photo too!


We will also be looking at all the people who help us, from everyday help to the emergency services.



Woodworking in Bees!


We mentioned on our covering page that in Bees we like to develop our skills in wood working.  The children have made a start this term getting used to some of the basic equipment (under close supervision!) and using them for the correct purpose.  All of our Bees will be able to have a go at this, but here a few of our first Bees ...


Monday 8th October

WOW! What a busy day!  We welcomed our parents for a 'Stay and Play' session - 17 of our wonderful parents came - thank you!  As they left, we were visited by the fire fighters.  They let us explore the fire engine and even have a go at blasting the water from the hose!  The fire fighters asked us to remind everyone about the importance of having smoke detectors in your homes - please check they work!


Have a look at our photos...we tried to capture as many of our parents as we could...

Do we need to brush our teeth?


We have been looking at the importance of keeping our teeth clean and healthy. We used tooth brushes to 'clean' some teeth (not our own!) and also to paint with them!  We enjoyed seeing the different patterns the toothbrushes made!  We also have a dentist role play area.  We are so proud of many of our Bees who were scared of the dentist....but once they were shown there was nothing to be worried about - there was no stopping them!


Teeth time!

We have been so busy this term so far....Our Tasty Tuesday Treats have been well received and the children have enjoyed preparing and eating.  We have prepared buttered toast, crackers and cheese and to link with ourselves learning challenge, we even made pizza faces - yummy!

We have been very busy!

First Day Exploration...