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Who would be your superhero?

Exciting books this term...


This term we have been reading books all about Superheroes.  They are:

  • Super Daisy
  • Elliot Jones - Modnight Superhero
  • Max
  • Supertato
  • 10 Little Superheroes
  • Superworm


We have also been reading non-fiction and fiction books about everyday heroes like the Fire and Ambulance services, but also doctors, dentists and other everyday heroes.  Parents, carers, grandpaprents and other adults involved in our Bees are also everyday heroes!


We have been thinking about the different superheroes and linking our activities to our topic.  We have made mask using different media (paint, stamps and collaging), drawing pictures of superheores and everyday heroes and making box models of them too!  Our Bees have such an amazing imagination!

Well, we cannot believe how quickly this term has flown by!  We created lots of superhero based things lincluding masks and belts, re-creating stories that we have read, painting and drawing our favourite superheroes and creating homes and vehicles for them.  One of the favourite activities was making super vegetables! 

Here are some of the things we have been busy with this term...