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Watch the links below to an animation created to show a small insight in to life during The Blitz in London and a BBC information video about life during The Blitz.


There were lots of diaries written during WW2 including Anne Frank, Winston Churchill and many soldiers in the trenches kept journals. These diaries mean we have a lot of information about how people felt during this time which is the most important feature of a diary. 


This week, I would like you to write a diary entry from the point of view of someone living in London during this time. Use the key features sheet below to help you and perhaps research some of the diaries I mentioned above for some inspiration. 

BLITZ: animated multimedia

From the archives, this short animated piece of multimedia for theatre was created for a production of "Blitz" at The Memorial Theatre (Frome) in 2007. Added...

Ideas to get you started:


Imagine you were the same age as you are now.


 Choose a particular type of shelter to write about. Were you in the garden in an 'Anderson'? Were you in your house in a 'Morrison'? Or were you in a public shelter? - if you were in a public shelter, what type was it? A basement? A railway arch? A Tube Station?

 Remember to describe the whole event - the sudden 'alert' of the air raid sirens; running for the shelter in the dark; the anti-aircraft guns starting up; the first bombs exploding in the distance; fire engines and ambulances clanging along the roads; bombs falling closer to the shelter; the earth shaking as bombs exploded; the 'ack-ack' guns firing furiously; children crying; people trying to keep calm; and the relief of hearing the 'all clear' at the end.

 Who was with you in the shelter? A parent? Grandparents? Brothers and sisters? Neighbours? Strangers? Remember, if you have chosen a big public shelter, there would be hundreds of people there.

 Was there an air raid warden in or near the shelter?

 What did you grab to take into the shelter with you?

 Was the shelter cold? or damp? Was there anywhere to sit or lie down? Were there any lights in the shelter?

 How did you sleep? Was there anything to sleep in and on?

 Was there anything to eat or drink?

 What happened if someone wanted to go to the lavatory? Was there one?

 How long did the bombing last?

 What was it like when you came out of the shelter next morning? Could you see any damage? Had anyone been killed? Was your house damaged?

 How did you feel? Were you frightened? Did you feel sick? Or did you think it was a big adventure?

Key features of a diary - things to remember.

Other useful links:

Anne Frank

Friday 15th May

Today is Big Write day! Follow the link below to Jane Considine's writing lesson based on the film 'Lifted'. Don't forget to send me your writing!