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Watch the film above from the Literacy Shed. Complete the activities below. You can record these however you like. 


Sequence the pictures below, then create an emotions graph for Bibo, pick key scenes and decide how you think Bibo may feel. Draw on the chart where his emotions are, and then write words representing his feelings. E.g. In the flashbacks - nostalgic, elated, content.






Use your emotions graph from yesterday to write sentences to show feeling. Pick a plot point (from the sequencing activity yesterday), and express how Bibo feels. Try to use show not tell, emotive language, and similes and metaphors! 



Create an advertisement for Bibo's ice cream. How will you lure people to buy it? Think about the vocabulary you will use to ensure people are eager and lick their lips in anticipation of eating the ice cream. 

Try to include:

- Modal verbs (showing the degree of possibility e.g. should, could, will etc.).

- A range of exciting adjectives


-Show not tell


Where has everybody gone in the video? What was life like 'before'? How has Bibo's life changed?  

You can choose to write a narrative (story) or a diary about what life was like for Bibo before the video began. This can be anything, you have the creative licence to help us discover his previous life. 

I can't wait to hear your fantastic ideas of what his life was like! 



Big Write! 

Follow the link below to access Mrs Considine's writing lesson - she goes live at 9:45am. You will follow along with her, and then create your own write based on a video. You can then submit your posts and she picks some to share! You can also share what you write with us on Twitter or our class blogs. She posts the link on Twitter.