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These activities have been taken from 'The Literacy Shed © 2020' KS1 Activity Pack


The Lighthouse


Watch the film 'The Lighthouse' @



Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual. Animation director:...

Pause the film after 40 seconds when we first see the lighthouse keeper at his desk:

  • Why is this scene included in the film?
  • Can we describe the setting in 3 sentences?
  • When do you think the story is set?

Pause the film after the candle blows out:

  • Does the lighthouse keeper like his neighbours?
  • How does the director build the tension in this scene?
  • What words do you think the lighthouse keeper would use to describe the people of the village?
  • What do you think the lighthouse keeper would be saying to himself when the lantern at the top of the lighthouse goes out?


Pause the film after the lighthouse keeper sees the ship:

  • How do you think he feels when he sees the ship?
  • The lighthouse keeper begins to panic – how can we show
  • through his actions or feelings this sense of panic?
  • Pause the film when the lighthouse keeper gets to the bottom of the steps. Where do you think he is going?
  • Do you think the villagers will help him?


Predict what you think will happen in the rest of the film:

  • Watch the film until the end. How does the lighthouse keeper feel at the end?
  • Do you think he feels differently about his neighbours now?
  • What do you think will happen next time there is a party in the village?

Activity 1


Keep Yours Eyes Open!


Watch the clip. How many of these things can you spot? Tick them when you see them. You might need to watch the clip more than once.


houses candle lighthouse chair
lantern glasses machinery ship
toolkit steps window rocks
glass village handle hat
scarf moon books wave


Activity 2


Word Search

Can you find the following words in the word search? Words can read forwards, down and can


houses    candle       lighthouse     chair       lantern
ship      toolkit        steps          rocks      glass            hat        scarf        moon

Activity 3


Verb Poem

Verbs are often action words. They can describe physical actions and mental actions. Fill the grid below by creating a list of verbs which happen in the clip. You might need to
watch the clip again.


cheering crashing bobbing illuminating


This is a verb poem. It tells the story of what happened in the clip. Use some of your verbs from the grid and create your very own verb poem. Take a look at the one below for some inspiration!

The Lighthouse
People cheering,
Light turning,
Waves crashing,
Light smashing,
Horn honking,
Keeper worrying,
Rocks waiting,
Keeper running,
People helping,
Boat bobbing,
Light guiding,
People smiling.

Activity 4


Seaside Sentences


Have a look at the pictures below. Pick 6 and write a sentence about each. Can you put an adjective (describing word) in each? E.g. The enormous whale swam through the deepblue ocean.

Activity 5


Postcard from the Lighthouse


Write a postcard from the lighthouse keeper to his friend to tell them about what happened.

Additional Activities

  • Create a comic strip of the story.
  • Write a simple newspaper report about the event.
  • Write some dialogue for the film.
  • Write a recount of the events.
  • Write a description of the lighthouse keeper.
  • Write a description of the lighthouse on the rocks.
  • Research a history of lighthouses.
  • Find out about Grace Darling.
  • Create a collage of a lighthouse on the rocks.
  • Read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.