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Watch the video below and complete the activities as best you can. You can share these with us and your friends on our class blog or on Twitter @Westglade @BeedenMiss @R92Brown

I Lived on the Moon

Still image for this video
A young boy dreams of going to the moon and one day that dream comes true.
The Literacy Shed.


Watch the video above. Sequence the story from the pictures below. 



Map out the boy's emotions on the emotion graph below. Think about his experience as a plant shoots him to the moon, a place he has always longed to visit. Think about key adjectives you can use to describe. Use show not tell. 


For example, at the start of the clip, the boy might sit in the middle of the graph, his life feels mundane. 


Some ideas to help you: he could feel confused, elated, apprehensive, uncertain, fearful etc.


You can download the word documents below for printing. 




Now that you have sequenced the story, write speech to accompany each plot point. 

Remember, when writing direct speech, you need to remember to use inverted commas (speech marks). If the speaker comes before the speech, use a comma before the speech starts; use a capital letter to start the speech and punctuate INSIDE the speech marks. 

Try to include an adverb to explain how the speaker has said something. 



The boy mumbled despondently, "I'm sick of the monotonous life I lead.". 


Use the PowerPoint below to help you with direct speech.


Choose one of the creatures you see in the video. Can you write a description of it?


- What it looks like

- What it feels like

- Does it have a distinctive smell?

- How does the creature move?

- What does the creature sound like?

- Does the creature speak?


Remember to write in full sentences and to use a range of adjectives, adverbs, subordinate clauses and relative clauses. 


e.g. The mystifying, spiky creature, who had been orbiting the moon for many years, squeaked with every movement he made. 


You can choose to write a narrative (story) or a newspaper report about the boy's journey to the Moon. Don't forget to include the hard work you have done over the week! 

You wrote some fantastic newspaper reports about Count Olaf last term!


Features of a newspaper report:



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