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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty



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Watch the video and talk through or write down what has happened in a few short sentences. Come up with a list of objects you might discover when walking along a beach. Choose ONE and write about how it is magical. What does it do that is special? Does it take you somewhere?


Gabby (the girl in the video) is walking and when she finds the bubbles she is transported to a fantasy world of bubbles. Use the object you created yesterday and decide on a fantasy world that you will be taken to. For example candy land, up in the clouds, a land of fairies anything you think of be as imaginative as you like!


Draw your fantasy land and label some of the cool things that are in it. Use adjectives to describe items in your land.


Choose 3 main things from  your fantasy land that are most important or special, you are going to describe these in lots of detail. E.g. if you did a toy land you may have chosen a train, teddy bear and unicorn to describe in much more detail.


1. Draw the item.

2. Write a paragraph on each item to describe what it looks, feels, sounds, smells and tastes like (if applicable). 

3. Read through your 3 paragraphs and check to see if you can up-level your writing for better vocabulary or spelling mistakes. You will use this writing to help you tomorrow so keep it somewhere safe.


Today I would like for you to use yesterday's writing to help you write a descriptive story about your imaginary land. Talk about your journey from finding the item on the beach to being transported to your own imaginary land! You must describe in detail using all 5 senses- hear, see, smell, taste, touch. Remember to talk about your thoughts and feelings as you go along your journey. 


Your writing must include:

  • capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
  • neat handwriting that you have tried to join
  • adjectives
  • similes (comparing using like or as) e.g. his hands were as cold as an ice cube.
  • paragraphs to break up writing remember start a new one for a change in time, topic, person or place.
  • adverbs e.g. cautiously, gently, noisily
  • varied sentence openers- make sure you don't repeat I could see, I could smell, I could taste...



Big Write! 

Follow the link below to access Mrs Considine's writing lesson - she goes live at 9:45am. You will follow along with her, and then create your own write based on a video. You can then submit your posts and she picks some to share! You can also share what you write with us on Twitter or our class blogs.


If you miss it live don't worry follow this link to you tube where you will find today's and all of her previous videos