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This week's writing is based on 'Wild Horses'. There is a story starter below so your challenge this week is to consider what could happen next. Does the girl follow the horses? Does she discover if something has startled them? Read below to find out how to chunk you week in to different tasks.

Story starter!

Their speed was such that they appeared a blur to the little girl watching them. She sat on a stone wall, knees pulled up to her chest, bracing herself slightly against the strong breeze.

The herd of wild horses moved as one: a frothing, raging river cascading across the countryside. They reminded her of a waterfall she had visited with her parents last summer. The foam that formed on top of the surging water as it bubbled away in the plunge pool like a witch’s evil potion was the same colour as their long, flowing manes.

The horses seemed to be startled by something. What were they running from? Or was it perhaps that they felt a sense of great urgency to reach a certain destination?

The girl sat and pondered at the question…

Question time!

Who is the girl watching the horses?

Why is she out all alone?

Why do you think the horses are travelling so quickly?



Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?


The horses ran across the field. They were white. They were moving very quickly.


Think about using conjunctions, fronted adverbials or different types of punctuation to improve these sentences. 


Create a bank of vocabulary you will be able to use later in the week. You will need to think about how you will describe the landscape around the character, her emotions, consider the weather carefully and how you can use it to reflect the mood. 


I have included a video of wild horses from YouTube to help.

Wild Horses Run into Flamingos Feeding | BBC Earth


Have a go at writing the next chunk of the story focusing on what the girl chooses to do next. It doesn't need to be lots of writing but try and really focus your ideas to make it at detailed as possible.




Thursday and Friday's lessons have a grammar focus.They are things we have covered in class already but they provide a useful reminder and a good opportunity for you to write with the particular punctuation or sentence structure as a focus. 


Below is the link to a Jane Considine's Super Sentence Stacking so you have a 'Big Write' style lesson today. Don't forget to send you writing to me via Twitter, Purple Mash or through the school admin e-mail. 

Super Sentence Stacking - The Blue Umbrella - Session 2

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