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The Way Back Home

Taken from the Literacy Shed

The Way Back Home.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 8th June 

Watch the video and answer these questions about the story:

1. What did the boy build? 

2. Where did he land?

3. What happened to his rocket? 

4. Who did he meet?

5. How did he get back home? 


Now draw 6 pictures to show what happens in the story in the form of a story map. Label the key characters who you saw. What names do you want to give them? 

Tuesday 9th June 

Today we are focusing on capital letters and full stops. Remember capital letters are used for names and the start of sentences. Full stops are used at the end of a sentence. 


Help Miss Hyde by correcting the following sentences about 'The Way Back Home'. 


1. the boy was Building a rocket.

2. he met an Alien called fred. 

3. They sat on a planet

4. jo and fred became friends

5. They enjoyed their time togEther. and lived happily ever after

Wednesday 10th June 

Today we are learning about question marks. (?) Question marks are used when someone asks something. They go at the end of the question, not always at the end of the sentence. 

Think about our key question words - why, what, when, where, who, how. 


Write the questions you would ask the alien if you built your rocket and landed on the Moon. 

For example:


How did you get stuck on the Moon

What happened to your spaceship?



Challenge - Can you write your questions as speech from yourself or from the character in the story? 


Why are you alone? asked the boy. 

Thursday 11th June 

Today we are learning about the suffix -est and -er. Remember a suffix goes at the end of a root word. If the word ends in a y, you change it to an i and then add the suffix. We add these suffixes to describing words (adjectives). 

Add the suffix -est to the root word


Adjective adding -est
new newest


Add the suffix -er


Adjective adding the suffix -er
long longer


Friday 12th June 

Big Write - To write a letter to the alien. 


The alien in the video has sent us a letter.


Dear Hedgehogs, 

I have heard all about your planet Earth and it was nice that the boy was so kind to help me with my spaceship. I have now visited lots of places in space and want to come to your planet to visit. What is it like? What do I need to bring with me? Can you help me find the boy who fixed my spaceship, so I can say thank you properly? If you would like, I can tell you all about my home planet too. I have a mum, dad, brother and sister. Also, I have a robot dog called Squeak. It would be great to hear from you all!

From Fuzz, your alien friend. 


key vocab

alien planet spaceship
travel build why


Write a letter to Fuzz telling him all about Earth and what you think he might want to bring with him for his journey. 

Remember to start your letter with Dear Fuzz, Thank you for writing to me. 

I have attached a letter template below which you can use.