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Welcome to week 3's writing. This week there are two videos. Wait to watch the second one until you have reached the day I have put it on. We love hearing from you and reading your writing, it would be great if you could share it with us on our class blogs on Purple Mash. Happy writing!

La Luna

Still image for this video


Watch the above clip. 

Activity 1 -

Brainstorm your ideas:

Who do you think the characters are?

What is their relationship?

What do you think they are doing?

Why are they there?

How often do they do this?

What might happen after the clip has ended?


Activity 2 - 

Use similes and metaphors to describe the moon and the sea.


Simile - comparing two things using 'like' or 'as' 

e.g. A sense of tranquillity washed over him like a wave.

Like a tale as old as time, the father passed on his expertise to his son. 


Metaphor - comparing two things directly by saying something is or was the other thing.

e.g. The wave was a mountain approaching.



Still image for this video

Watch the clip above. 

Activity 1 - 

Create a story map or a comic strip showing how the boy got from the first clip to the second. What happened in between? Were they expecting to find the stars? How did the stars get there?


Activity 2 - 

Map out what will happen next. You can add to your comic strip or story map. 

Activity 3 - 
Add key sentences describing what is happening in each section of your map or comic strip. Include sentences describing the boy's feelings, as well as some of the similes/metaphors you created yesterday.



Write instructions for star fishing (catching a star).

1. Remember to use an enticing, short and snappy introduction to convince your reader they must follow your instructions.

2. Use a range of modal verbs (e.g. must, can, could, should, would, will, might)

3. Use a range of adverbs (how should they do things - e.g. Taking great care, place your ladder at the edge of the boat).



Today we are going to create sentences using parenthesis to use in a diary entry or a narrative story tomorrow. 

Activity 1 - Use the PowerPoint beneath today's learning to work through the slides. This will give you a reminder of what parenthesis is and how to use it.

If you can't download the PowerPoint, read the explanation below.

Parenthesis is added information using brackets, dashes or commas. Remember, your sentence MUST make sense without the parenthesis. 

If the parenthesis is embedded (in the middle) you must use punctuation either side of it. If the parenthesis is at the end of the sentence, then you end the sentence with a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark instead (unless you have used brackets, which you must close).

e.g. The boat, which was beginning to rock, had been passed from generation to generation.


Activity 2 - 

Choose whether you will write a diary entry or a narrative tomorrow.

Then, write sentences using parenthesis about the video. 

I would like to see two sentences using brackets, two using commas and two using dashes.


Friday - Big Write!

Write a diary entry or a narrative story from the boy's point of view - thinking about what he can feel, see, smell, sense, hear, touch. 

E.g. With a sense of trepidation, the boy sat longing for the moon to appear. (narrative)


With a sense of trepidation, I sat longing for the moon to appear. (diary)


Use the work you have done throughout the week to help you.


Remember to include

- Fronted adverbials, adverbs and adverbial phrases

- A range of sentence structures (short and snappy, using coordinating conjunctions, and using subordinating conjunctions)

- Similes and metaphors

- Dialogue - using inverted commas (speech marks) to show the direct speech

- Parenthesis for added information, using brackets, dashes or commas. Remember your sentence must make sense without the added information.

e.g. The boy, who had only had a slice of toast for his breakfast, felt his stomach begin to rumble aggressively. 

Pixar Short Films - La Luna 2011

When you have finished your Big Write, you can treat yourself and watch the full video. Were your ideas similar or different?