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In school this week, we are finishing off the writing we started before school closed based on the film Ruin. We had started with a setting description of the areas and most of you had completed these. However, you may want to do another one at home to refresh your memory but it is completely up to you. 



WALT: develop strategies for building suspense and tension

Begin by watching the film using the link below (we only watched up to 2 mins 10 secs before we finished).

I'd like you to try and use the following techniques today:

a. Use of short sentences – stress that not all sentences should be short – sentences should become shorter and sharper as the intensity of the suspense mounts.

b. Use of simile/ metaphor (recap terms if necessary)

c. Use of ellipsis


The link to the powerpoint will give you examples of how to do this. 



Use the techniques above to write the next section of the film where we see our main character running for his bike, jumping on and beginning to ride away whist being chased by an aircraft overhead. Think about how you can describe the sounds of the aircraft before it is seen. This will help build suspense and the reader will not be completely sure about what it is. 



Planning sheet


WALT: to use different techniques to build suspense and tension

We are looking at the techniques below:

a. The concept of something secret/ hidden/ barely seen or heard

b. The use of powerful verbs.


Watch the Powerpoint from yesterday to help you understand these. 


Read the example taken from 'Haunters' by Thomas Taylor and see if you can identify the techniques we have explored.



Write the next section of you writing. You decide how much you want to write but I would suggest you write a good section of the 'chase' scene. 

Thursday and Friday

In school, we will be continuing to write chunks of the film and making sure we are editing carefully as we go along. This will take you all different lengths of time so it is important that you do take your time to ensure you are including as much detail as possible.

On Friday, we will be doing a final edit and then copying up the work we have done in to our 'Writing Portfolio' books. This is a good opportunity for you to create a final piece and practise your handwriting. 

Please do send in any pictures of your work you have as I'd like to shared them on the website. This can be on Twitter or using the school email address.