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I hope you all enjoyed writing your Greek myths last week! 

This week we are going to write a non-chronological report/information text on the Olympic Games during Ancient Greek times. Can you remember the features of information texts? They typically have:

  • Title
  • Subheadings for different categories
  • Paragraphs 
  • Third person
  • Factual language
  • Eye-catching
  • Past tense
  • Photos/pictures


Your task over the course of this week is to create a non-chronological report on the first ever Olympic Games that took place in Ancient Greece. Follow the daily lessons below. 


Monday 15th June

Today you need to research all you can about the first Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. As this links into out Greek topic project on the learning challenge page you may already have some useful information! Gather all the information you can. Look at dates, types of sports, the people that attended, locations etc. Take notes and keep your research for later on.


Below are some examples of chronological texts and some information on the Olympic Games in Greece to get you started! 





The ancient origins of the Olympics - Armand D'Angour

How did the Olympics become the greatest show of sporting excellence on Earth? Dig into the history and evolution of the global event. -- Thousands of years ...

Examples of Non-chronological Reports

Tuesday 16th June

Recap and go over what you've researched on the Olympic Games and non-chronological reports yesterday.  Today you will be making a mind map of your ideas so that you can clearly see the points/information you're going to add in your report. Here is an example below:

Mind Map Example

You can use this format or you can create your mind map anyway you'd like to suit you.

Wednesday 17th June

A good non-chronological report has detailed descriptions to help the reader clearly understand and picture what the report is about. Today we are therefore going to use adjectives to describe some of the point listed on your mind map for your report. Can you remember using adjectives? Adjectives are describing words and make writing more interesting. Some examples of adjectives are: beautiful, enormous, brave, delightful etc. 

Your task is to pick some main points/objects that you're going to write about in your report and use good, exciting adjectives to describe them.


e.g. 'The fantastic Olympic Games was first held in the stunning and historic Greek city of Athens during the fascinating Ancient Greek era.'

Thursday 18th June

Write your non-chronological report!

Today you will be gathering all the information you have collected so far this week and creating your non-chronological report on the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. Don't forget to use all the features we spoke about earlier on such as: title, subheadings, adjectives, photos/pictures etc. Below is another checklist for you to work from. 


Good luck reporting and please send us some your work via purple mash 2Email.

Friday 19th June

Big Write!


Follow the link to today's big write lesson. Jane Considine's story today is called

'Partly Cloudy'.

Super Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine - Partly Cloudy - Writing Lesson