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Take from the Literacy Shed 


Still image for this video

Monday 15th June 

Watch the video above and answer the following questions on paper. Can you try and write your answers in full sentences?


1. What day do the frogs start flying?

2. What animals move?

3. What are the frogs sat on? 

4. What is the man eating in his kitchen?

5. What happens to the sheets when the flogs fly through them?


Now write and draw a story plan to show what happens in the video. Use your phonics to support your spelling and remember your finger spaces. 


Tuesday 16th June

Today we are revisiting adding the suffixes -ed and -ing. Remember we use -ed lots for the past tense. We add these suffixes to verbs (doing words). If a verb ends in e, remove the e and add the suffix. 

verb adding -ed adding -ing
move moved moving


Wednesday 17th June 

Today we would like you to write questions to the man eating the sandwich asking him all about the event on Tuesday. Remember to use your question marks (?).


Key words: why, when, what, where, how.


Thursday 18th June 

Today we would like you to write thought bubbles for the flying frogs in the video. How do you think they were feeling? What were they thinking about when they were in the pond vs when they were flying on the lily pads? Remember to count your words for each sentence and use a full stop and capital letter. 


Friday 19th June

Big Write - write a story that would be for a different Tuesday. Which animal will you choose? Could you spot an animal shadow at the end of the video? Where will your animals go and what will they travel on? 

WALT: Write a story sequel 

WILF1: I can use my phonics

WILF2: I can use finger spaces

WILF3: I can use capital letters and full stops

WILF4: I can use question marks