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Watch the video below and complete the daily activities. If you are stuck, just try your best and we will help you when we speak to you in the week. As always, we'd love to see what you've been up to on our class blogs!


Still image for this video


Sequence the events from the video. 

Write a sentence about each picture. 


Create an emotions graph for the main character. Think about how he would feel in each plot point (use the ones above). Write a range of adjectives to describe his feelings.


Choose 3 plot points from yesterday. Write a diary entry for Geoff in each of the points. Think about how he might feel. You must write in first person. How do his emotions build up? How might he feel as he interviews for his dream job? When he makes the perfect can of beans? When he has children?


The advert doesn't have any dialogue between the characters.

Your task is to write the speech between Geoff and his wife. 


Remember, speech must be encased in speech marks, have a capital letter for the first word, and have punctuation inside the speech marks. If the speaker comes first, use a comma before the speech.


e.g. Geoff recited the words repeatedly to himself as he approached the building, "Come on, Geoff, you can do this!"


Your job is to advertise the perfect can of baked beans. Pick a can from the image below. 

You need to create a slogan or a jingle that will entice people. Create a poster and a profile explaining why you must buy these baked beans.



You are going to design your own product now. You need to think about why people should buy it, why it is essential, and how to advertise it in a way that will entice people. 

Your advert must include:

- A slogan for your product (try to use alliteration) 

- An advertising paragraph explaining your new product for the consumer (the person buying your product). Use a range of luring adjectives

- A description of what your product actually is

- A picture of your product