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Morning Bats! We had some fantastic writing last week at school and I hope you enjoying picking up from where we left off with Ruin, at home. This week we are writing a diary entry using a short video clip taken from a real account from a US soldier. It's called 'German in the woods'.



The clip I have provided this week is based on a true story so please bear this in mind when watching it.

We will be writing a diary entry using emotive language to retell this account in our own way. 

First, watch the clip below. 

Think back to diary entries you have written in the past, what do people include in them? They share their thoughts and feelings and they can often be quite emotional. 


Today we are thinking about the environment the soldier would be living in and what the conditions would have been like. I have included some images of trenches below to give you an idea of what it would have been like for soldiers on the front line during the war. 

Use the images to help you create a description of where the soldier is when he is writing his diary. 

Use the planning sheet to help you begin to gather your ideas.

Here is an example of how you could set the scene.

I have chosen to record the event the day after it happened but it is entirely up to you how you do it. 


Thursday 5th February 1944

I couldn’t write it down yesterday. That would have made it too real. Every inch of my body felt exhausted, even my eyelashes felt heavy. I was numb. It isn’t until now that I can bring myself to recount the horror of yesterday. It was a rather ordinary day in the woods at first. The cold has been biting at my toes, through my boots, for almost a week now and yesterday was no different. The weight of my gun lay heavy on my shoulders and the cold, wet snow had soaked through my trousers where I had been sitting. The only area free from snow was the patch on the tree behind where I had been leaning; I had been in the same spot for hours. The cold is unbearable now but there is no sign that the weather will be warming up any time soon. As I sit and write this now, my fingers tips are throbbing from the cold.


Think about your senses and how to portray your emotions using show not tell style sentences. 



Try to include pathetic fallacy.

Pathetic fallacy is often used to describe the environment. The weather and season can be described with human emotions to reflect the mood of a character or create a tone.

  • 'The raindrops wept around him.'
  • 'A friendly sun shone down brightly on the party guests as they arrived in the garden.'
  • 'The weather is miserable outside.'



Today, use the next section of the planning sheet to consider the character's emotions in detail. I want you to think about how you can use complex and compound sentences to add detail to your writing.

Follow the link below for a recap on how to do this.

I also want you to think about how you can use punctuation to join two independent clauses. Follow the video below to remind about the different ways you can do this. 

Punctuation: Using dashes, semi-colons & colons to link sentences (KS2)

What will I learn? How to use dashes, semi-colons & colons to link two sentences. Questions: What is the effect of inserting a dash between two sentences? Wh...

Wednesday and Thursday

Over the next two days, we will be building up our plan and adding as much detail as possible ready for our Big Write on Friday. It is important that you use the sheet you completed at the beginning of the week to make sure that you are including all the features we discussed.


Don't forget that a diary is a more informal piece of writing so you want to create a voice for your character to allow the reader to connect with him and feel empathy. 


The link below talks about adverbials and how these can be used to try and find a way of including these in your writing. 


Big Write day! We will be completing a Big Write at school today so it would be great if you could do the same and send in your writing using Purple Mash, Twitter or the school e-mail address.


Start by practising your handwriting using some of the spelling words from this week or perhaps you have some words you are working on already. 


Next, put on some calming music (if you like) and begin writing your diary entry. You might choose to get creative and make your piece of paper look old using a cold tea bag (ask an adult to help you with this as I'm sure they'll remember doing something similar at school). 


Most importantly, have fun!!