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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty


Monday- have a go at the SPAG mat

The Valley of the kings is where the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun was buried along with all of his fabulous jewels, gold and gifts that were said to go into the after life with him. Using the video and the pictures, create a vocabulary list of all the exciting words you will use to describe the Valley of the kings and what you see there.


On Thursday, you will be writing a short story about your adventure to the Valley of the Kings. Today, you are building your vocabulary to use in your writing on Thursday. Create a list or mind map, you can draw pictures next to some words to help you remember their meaning if you need to.

Wednesday- open the document and have a read through the slides. Today you will plan the beginning, middle and end using the table given as a template. Think of the key things you will see at each point and try to include that awesome vocabulary from yesterday!

Thursday- use the PowerPoint to help you write your short story about your experience at The Valley of the Kings.


If you didn't complete your big write from yesterday then you can finish it off today. If you have completed it, then today you can reread your work through and check for mistakes. Check for:

  • capital letters and full stops
  • paragraphs (time, topic, person, place)
  • capital letters for proper nouns e.g. Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, Egypt
  • adjectives 
  • adverbs
  • spelling errors (look up in a dictionary or use google)


If you think you can up-level your work by changing vocabulary or adding to your writing then do so.