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This week, we are focusing on building suspense in our writing. 
Key techniques for building suspense:

- Don't reveal everything that is happening

- Use cliff hangers to keep the reader holding on

- Use show not tell

- Ellipses ...

- Short sentences

- Use similes and metaphors

- Rhetorical questions


Still image for this video

Watch the approach to Dracula's house in Whitby. You are going to describe what you can see, imagining you are the person holding the camera. I would like you to build suspense using the techniques at the top of the page. Use short snappy sentences, descriptive language and show not tell. 

E.g. As I approached, the fog engulfed the house like a cloak. A shiver ran down my spine. A creak. What was that? Panic made my heart race. I took another step. I had to find out.


Still image for this video

Watch the next part of the video. Describe what you can see. Remember to build suspense using the techniques at the top of the page. 

Does it feel like the statues are watching you? Does it feel like someone else is there? How do you feel being there at night? 

Remember to end on a cliff hanger!


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Using the techniques you have been applying this week, write the next part of your story. Remember not to give too much away, and convey the creepy nature of the house!

How did you feel as you went inside? Are you worried about being caught? What if Dracula really is there?! Do your shoes squeak as you try to creep through the forbidden house?


Still image for this video

Watch the final part of the video. Use a range of adverbs to build suspense in this section. Use the word mat at the top of the page to help you with this. 


E.g. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the 'statue' move insidiously


Edit your work using the Year 5 writing standards. Work through the list to tick of the things you have included. Now add in the features you haven't used (e.g. have you used parenthesis, relative clauses, adverbs?).


Once you have edited, copy your work up like you would in Big Write. Take a photo of your work, or read it aloud and record it to share with us.