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Hi Squirrels!


Watch the video below and then have a go at some of the activity ideas. You can do them in any order and can complete a few or all of the tasks if you would like!

Book of Butterflies - Michael Leunig

Activity 1

Questions to ask about the film clip:


Pause the film after 17 seconds when the man sits down
with the book:

  • What do you think might happen to the book?
  • Why do you think the clip is called Book of Butterflies?

Pause the film at 33 seconds:

  • Why do you think the man is reading a book about butterflies?
  • What kind of information do you think is on the pages?
  • What do you know about butterflies?
  • What colour is the background? What feeling does this give to the film?

Pause the film at 48 seconds as the butterflies fly out:

  • Did this surprise you
  • Is the man surprised? How do you know?
  • What else might happen?

Pause at 52 seconds:

  • How many butterflies have come out of the book?
  • What colours are they?
  • What colour is the background now? What feeling does it give to the film now?

Play to the end:

  • What do you think the man might do to get the butterflies
  • back into the book?

Activity 2


Today you are going to write your own description of when the book opens up! Use the adjectives below to help you when writing your description.


beautiful soft delicate bright
pretty long fragile gentle
thin vivid colourful spotted
striped light small large
lovely patterned swift quick
soft insect silent peaceful


Read the text below to help you write your own description!


*Challenge - Try using biggest, largest, brightest, smallest, prettiest or quickest. E.g. One butterfly had the prettiest wings of all.


The book opened and the butterflies flew up, up, up into the sky. They had wings of all different colours. Some butterflies were bright yellow, some butterflies were brilliant blue and some butterflies had beautiful emerald green wings. There were large butterflies and small butterflies. There were butterflies with spots, some with stripes and even some with pretty patterns. They twirled, fluttered and flapped their paper wings before coming to rest in the big tree.

Activity 3

The name for a group (collective noun) of butterflies is a kaleidoscope. Can you match the pictures with the correct
collective noun?

*Challenge - Can you research collective nouns for some of your own choice of animals? Some of my favourites are 'a parliament of owls', 'a flamboyance of flamingos' and 'an army of frogs'!

Activity 4


Read the information and then have a go at answering the questions.


Name: Tom Wicks
Job: Explorer/Butterfly Expert
What do you do?
I travel around the world looking for rare and beautiful butterflies. When I find one, I watch it and take photographs of it. Then I write about it for my book of butterflies.
What is your favourite butterfly?
I love the blue morpho butterfly because it has bright blue wings.
Where do you go to find the butterflies?
I find many of the butterflies in jungles and forests and some are in my own back garden.
Which butterfly would you most like to see?
I would love to see a golden birdwing butterfly. They have very large golden wings
and they are quite rare.


1. Which is Tom's favourite butterfly?

2. Where does Tom find the butterflies?

3. Why do you think Tom takes photographs and writes about the butterflies?

4. Would you like Tom's job? Explain why?

Other activities to complete after watching the

  • You can use this as a writing stimulus for a story about a book that came to life.
  • What would happen if lions and tigers came out of the book into the room? What would happen if fish came out? - have to scoop them up quickly and put them into a tank, etc.
  • Design a collage of the creatures which came out of the book.
  • Create a butterfly paper chain
  • Design a butterfly mask
Ideas taken from 'The Literacy Shed' © 2020' KS1 Activity Pack