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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty


Monday- The Wishgranter

Watch the short film carefully. Watch it more than once if you need to so you know the story. Today, you are going to be creating a picture map to map out the story and help you throughout the week. After you have drawn your pictures, be sure to include some key vocabulary it might be adjectives or nouns. Can you include adjectives that are linked to the characters emotions? E.g. frustrated for the wish granter.

Use this model or something similar to help you


Rewatch the film again and have a look inside the wish granter’s tool box. What things did he have in there? What does each tool do? 

Your task today is to create your own wish granter tool box and decide what you would need in it and why. For example, a hug gun that when you fire it makes two people hug! Or a potion of courage if they need a gentle nudge in the right direction or confidence boost. Draw your tool box and the items inside then write and explanation explaining what each tool does.


Starter activity- warm up by completing the SPAG mat below.

Starter- spag mat

On Friday, you are going to be writing a big write. It will be a diary entry from the point of view of the wish granter. Therefore you need to get yourself in to character and start to think like the wish granter! 


Today I would like you to think about the wish granters thoughts and feelings at certain points during the film. Below, there are some images taken from different points in the story. You need to write down what is happening in the image and describe how the wish maker is feeling and what might be going through his head at that point. Think carefully and remember to use strong adjectives to describe.


Today, you are going to chunk your the story into beginning, middle and end. You are going to generate ideas and plan your writing ready to write your diary entry as the wish granter tomorrow. I am not expecting you to write in lots of full sentences, notes are fine. 

For each part you must include:

  • key words or sentences that describe your (the wish makers) feelings
  • first person pronouns I, my
  • main events that you will write about
  • any speech you might include- most likely in your last box when the man and woman meet up what might they say to each other?
  • time conjunctions - then, next, later that evening, after, before.

Use a format like this to get you started


Starter- watch the video clip again. Add to your plan from yesterday as you go. 

Big write- today is the day you are able to put all your fantastic ideas to paper in your own diary entry as the wish maker. 

Remember to use what you have done all week to help you and keep describing your thoughts and feelings at each part of the story. Below is a check list of things to include in a diary entry. Happy writing Lynxes!