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This week we will be learning all about the Trojan War which occurred in Ancient Greece. Do you know anything about the war already?

By the end of the week you will be retelling the story of what happened during the Trojan War. Follow the daily lessons below.

Monday 29th June

Research time! 


Use your research skills to help you look up facts about what happened during the Trojan War in Ancient Greece. Use the internet, books or maybe try asking some family and friends if they know any information! Keep notes for future reference. 

Below are some links to get to started:

The Trojan Horse | TRADITIONAL STORY | Classic Story for kids | Fairy Tales | BIGBOX

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Legend of the Trojan Horse

ISTC 301 Digital Story Assignment For English Language Art standards, this digital story would fall under the Reading: Literature, Grade 2 category. The foll...

Tuesday 30th June

Today, have a go at sequencing the main events of the Trojan War. 

Look over what you've learned from yesterday and write a list of main events. Look at which order they come in the event and create a sequencing timeline of what happened. You can draw pictures and write short captions/sentences for each. 

Below is an example of a timeline/sequenced events:

Sequencing example

Wednesday 1st July

Have a go at creating an information poster on 'Priam's Treasure'. Priam was the ruler of Troy during the war. Use pictures, subheadings, captions and sentences. Include what was found in the treasure and it's importance. 

Below is some information to help you.

Priams Trojan Treasure

This show covers the history of the Trojan Treasure from its discovery to its present location in the Pushkin Museum in Russia. The show also gives a good vi...

Thursday 2nd July 

Today's task is designed to make you think more about the people involved in the Trojan War event. These are not just regular people but also the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Greek era. Use the sheet below to consider and contemplate which figures listed are the reported 'baddies' in the event. Look over the information you've gathered this week and research any names you're unsure of to help you. 

Trojan War Baddies Task

Friday 3rd July

Time to retell the story of the Trojan War!

Gather all the information you've got from the past few days including your sequencing/timeline sheet. This will help you write the events in chronological order. Remember to write your recount as factual using the past tense.


  • chronological order of events
  • past tense 
  • main people involved
  • reasons why it happened
  • main events
  • outcome
  • Priam's treasure information and it's relevance 
  • anything else you've discovered!


Below is an example of a recount but please make your own. Yours maybe much more detailed! Good luck!