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by Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks

Listen to the reading of Fox by Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks. Then, read and recap the information on Fox's Noun Phrases below.

Read Magpie's Journey Home below. Can you write a list of all the nouns and adjectives you find?


Adjectives Nouns
hot Magpie
tired journey


Magpie’s Journey Home

Slowly, jiggety-hop, the hot, tired Magpie began her long journey home.

The bright sun was beaming down on the sandy desert and poor Magpie felt tired before she had even begun! Her legs ached from all her jiggety-hopping and her mouth was dry and sore. However, a few more hops brought her to the banks of a cool dark stream, flowing between smooth rocks and leafy green bushes. Jumping up onto a stone at the water’s edge, Magpie took a long drink of the sparkling water and felt much better. ‘I wonder what Dog is doing now?’ she thought to herself before carrying on.

Leaving the river behind, Magpie entered a small wood, in which grew all sorts of beautiful trees and bushes. There were tall gum trees and short pine trees, wide oak trees and slender yellow box trees. On many of the branches sat birds with bright feathers, who called cheery greetings to Magpie as she passed.
Beyond the wood and its friendly birds lay a rocky valley. Magpie had to scramble over all sorts of tumbled stones and fallen branches to reach the other side but she pushed on, determined to get back to Dog.

Finally, just as she was beginning to run out of energy, Magpie heard a loud bark quite nearby. Looking up she saw Dog, all sandy brown in the sunshine, standing at the edge
of the valley.

‘This way, Magpie – I’m up here!’ called Dog.

And with one final jiggety-hop, Magpie was home, and reunited with her kind friend.



Take a normal piece of paper or follow the instructions for 'How To Stain Paper with Tea Bags' in the video below to make paper that looks like a page in Fox. When dry, you could try tearing the paper's edge to make it look even older!


Warning: Never use the kettle or go anywhere near boiling water without the supervision of an adult.

  • On the paper, draw any animal you like. You might want to try drawing your animal like Ron Brooks does, using charcoal, pencils and paints.
  • When you picture is complete, have a go at describing your animal using full sentences containing nouns and adjectives. See my example below for ideas!

The fox's long body was covered with thick, reddish brown fur.


His dark legs made him look like he was wearing socks the colour of coal.


The small, dog-like, wild animal had pointed ears and nose and a thick, bushy tail.



Dog and Magpie are friends in the book and are loyal to each other. Who are your friends? Draw two or three of your good friends and explain what each of them is like.



Read the short passage on Dog’s Spellings. There are 10 spelling mistakes. Can you spot them all? Correctly rewrite each of the misspelt words on the lines underneath the passage.


Dog’s Spellings
Magpie’s wing was damaged by the forist fire. She hid in a kave and was very sad. When she was beter she sat on Dog’s back and the animals raced along toogether as if they were flying. Fox came to joyn the animals in the springtime as he was lonelie. But Dog did not trust him becuase he was sly. Wen Magpie went of with Fox, Dog was terribly upset. It looced as if Magpie was not coming back at all! However, Fox left Magpie in the desert and she began the long journey back to Dog, her freind.


1. _______________      2. __________________

3. _______________      4. __________________

5. _______________      6. __________________

7. _______________      8. __________________

9. _______________     10. __________________





Fox is set in Australia. Visit and discover about other Australian animals NOT mentioned in the story! Choose one of your favourite animals and create a fact file all about it!