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Listen to the reading of 'The Whales' Song' by Dylan Sheldon and Gary Blythe. 

Answer the Questions about 'The Whales’ Song'.
o Listen back to the story if you need to check something.
o Use full sentences for your answers.
o Read all your answers through carefully before you finish.


1. How would you describe Lily’s Grandma in the story? Say what she looks like and what she is a like as a person.

2. What does Lily’s great Uncle Frederick think about the stories that Lily’s Grandma tells her?

3. List three of the things that Great Uncle Frederick says whales were used for in the old days.

4. What does Lily drop into the water from the end of the old pier? Why does she do that?


5. What does Great Uncle Frederick say to Lily when he comes down to collect her from the pier at the end of the day?

6. Do you think Lily really saw the whales or was it all just a dream she had? Explain why you think that.



In the story, Lily’s Grandma tells her you have to take the whales a special present or gift if you want them to sing.
o Decide what your special present for the whales would be.
o Draw and describe your perfect gift.



In The Whales’ Song, Dyan Sheldon uses similes for description –

  • whales as big as hills
  • whales as peaceful as the moon. 

Put a circle around the correct word.

1. The boy ran as quick as a slug/fox.

2. The coins shone as brightly as the sun/watch.

3. Jessie swam as smoothly as a sheep/fish.

4. The giant laughed as loud as whispers/thunder.

5. The bells tinkled like giants/fairies laughing.

6. The man was as tall as a cat/house.

7. The baby was as quiet as a mouse/dog.

8. The boy on the skateboard whizzed by like a rocket/snail.

Draw a picture of yourself and create three or four really

good similes that describe you (My eyes are as green as sea water; I am as a tall as a tower and as brave as a lion, etc.)


I am as pretty as a picture with bright blue eyes that sparkle like diamonds. I love to run as fast as a cheetah. I am loyal and as brave as a lion.



Over the next two days we are going to be writing a shirt story about the film 'Whale'. You can watch the video here @

Today we are going to come up with a story board to help us plan each section of our writing. You can use this to add vocab to each section of your story. See the ideas below for more help.



Today in Big Write you are going to retell the story of 'Whale' in your own words! You could pretend to be the whale and write in first person (I, me, my) or you could write it as a story about the whale (third person - he, she, her, his).


I've had a go at starting below. Take a look for a few ideas if you're stuck!


Oscar was an enormous blue whale who lived alone in the ocean and he swam for miles everyday, searching for friends to play with. He had been swimming for a while now. It was morning and sunlight danced through the water making it sparkle and shimmer. In the distance, Oscar spotted an orange blur. As he swam closer, he saw two vibrant orange clown fish throwing something back and forth to each other. It wasn't until he was right behind them that he spotted the object they were passing between them was actually a sea star who was as yellow as the sun and had five pointy arms.